Defrosted II album out on December 7

The history of Gotthard and Sony Music dates back to 1991. At that time, the band signed their first record deal with BMG / Sony Music and published in 1992 the same name debut album – the beginning of a unique success story with 16 number-1 albums. With songs like “One Life,” One Soul “or” Heaven “Gotthard have written a piece of Swiss music history and are still one of the most successful bands our country has ever produced. Now Sony Music could win back the band.


Gotthard can also play softer tones, they proved that in 1997 with their first unplugged album “Defrosted”. Just two months after its release, the album reached double platinum in Switzerland. Over 20 years later, we can look forward to the second complete Unplugged album by Gotthard this year. On Defrosted II, all the big hits like “Heaven”, “Lift U Up” or “Anytime, Anywhere”, which the band has produced in the last two decades, will be bundled up and heard in completely new versions. Unplugged, acoustically and reduced to the max – this acoustic pearl can excite far beyond the hard rock scene. Defrosted II will be released on December 7, 2018.

From left to right: In the back: Jan Bayati (Management Gotthard), Maurizio Dottore (Ehemals Director Marketing and A&R, Sony Music Switzerland), Freddy Scherer (Gotthard), Tomas Fisera (Personal Manger Gotthard), Julie Born (Managing Director, Sony Music Switzerland), Marc Lynn (Gotthard), In front: Hena Habegger (Gotthard), Leo Leoni (Gotthard), Nic Maeder (Gotthard), Anja Hansen (Product Manager, Sony Music Switzerland)