Gotthard Christmas Sale 22

From December 1st, 2022 to December 19th, 2022 we have a 15% discount on all Gotthard merchandising! Simply enter the code: GOTTHARD22 and the 15% will be deducted automatically.


60th ANNIVERSARY TRIBUTE SHOW FOR STEVE LEE Musical history delivers unique talents, discovers one-off voices and gives artists an immortal status. But it is rare to have continuing worldwide success paired with real humanity because you need a very special character to not lose the wheel grip with all the limelight and applause. STEVE LEEContinue Reading

Under the Stars Event in Faido postponed

Offizielle Statement from the promoter: We are very sorry to inform you that our Under the Stars Event in Faido on 20, 21 and 22 of May 2022 has been postponed, to a date to be defined among all those involved and as soon as possible. We made this difficult decision to postpone due toContinue Reading

Tour in April 2022 will taken place

After two years of the pandemic, the Gotthard tour will definitely take place in April and we are very happy about it. The long wait for us all is finally over and we look forward to seeing you. Let’s enjoy the live music togther.