Fanclub day in Hinwil June 25

FANCLUB DAY WITH GOTTHARD at The Pirates in Hinwil!

For official Fanclub Members only!


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Our guys will join us and you will get the chance to talk face-to-face to them. They will be amongst us and maybe you can even drink a beer together??

Date: 25.06.2017 from 11.00 h until 17.00 with brunch. (Day after the Rock The Ring Festival)
Where: The Pirates, Hinwil (CH): www.thepirates.ch
Entrance fee: CHF 35.- / € 35,00 (online payment) per person.
With payment slip at the Post office in Switzerland: CHF 40.-
With PayPal: € CHF 37.- / € 37,00
Included: Entrance / Pirates brunch / Fanclub Day Shirt / 1 tombola ticket to win a great prize

How to subscribe?
Send a mail to hilde@gotthard.com if you want to come + your T-shirt size. (normal sizes, no girlies) and you will get the payment info. After payment you will get a confirmation mail that you can enter + all details.

Not a member of the G-Family yet or not paid your fee yet for 2017? Here you can subscribe or renew your membership: www.gotthardfcshop.com

Nic, Leo, Hena, Marc, Freddy and the Fanclub Team is looking forward to seeing you @ the Pirates in Hinwil!


First part of the silver tour


Well, what a whirlwind begging to the year! We started out in Ravensburg, Germany and from day one the band was on fire and the fans absolutely amazing! Backstage ambience was great also, hanging out with our crew who did a fantastic job and with "Pretty Maids" who are a really cool bunch of guys was a lot of fun! It wasn't without some problems along the way however, between Hena having to leave the tour due to a burnout, me getting bronchitis, having to cancel two Spanish shows and Allan, the "Pretty Maids" drummer having to be briefly hospitalized for food poisoning!

Photogallery Gotthard


We were very lucky that Dani löble from "Helloween" was able to jump in for Hena and help us out on the drums. He had a hell of a lot of songs to learn literally overnight, and did an absolutely amazing job! Thanks mate! Everything worked out great in the end, we had so much fun, the shows were explosive and for me some of the best we ever played!


The low point for me was having to cancel the Barcelona and Madrid shows, I felt terrible for the fans there and especially for the ones that had traveled there and booked hotels etc... but after a few days off, I was back on my feet and we were back on the road!

 gotthard photogallery

The Swiss shows with "Krokus" were incredible! Swiss rock at its finest! We had so much fun sharing the stage with those guys during the encore and singing together with Marc Storace was something I'll never forget! All in all, it was a great first run, a lot of sold out shows, a lot of fun. Now that we've had a few weeks off, and that we have Hena back in great shape, we're itching to get back out there and are looking forward to seeing you guys during festival part of the tour!

Thank you all so much for partying with us, and for your support!
see you soon!

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